Meet the City St Louis Grove

The Basics

Meet the City: Board Games is a 6-week program for adults who love board games, exploring St. Louis, and making new friends. When you sign up for Meet the City: Board Games, you'll be assigned to an 8-10 person group. Each week, you'll meet in a different St. Louis neighborhood (e.g. The Grove, Soulard, etc.). A typical meeting session includes:

  • Activities and discussion to help you get to know the people in your group.
  • Spotlight game: 1-2 hours are set aside to play the Spotlight game with other participants. Spotlight games are typically chosen based on players' interests. Possible spotlight games include Carcassone, Dominion, and Splendor.
  • Free play: Each week, participants are asked to bring a game from their own collection to share with the group. Participants will have time at the end of each session to play these games with each other. 

Length: 6 Weeks – 3 hour weekly session
Cost: $50 registration + $25 refundable deposit

 (optional opportunities to purchase food or items)

Time Commitment

Your group will meet for 3 hours each week for 6 weeks. Your $25 deposit will only be refunded if you attend at least 4 of the 6 weeks. 

Each weekend, there will be supplemental activities for you to participate in with other Meet the City members. These weekend activities do not count toward your refund - but they are great opportunities to get to know each other! Hang out with people at the St. Louis Art Museum, visit farmer's markets, go on hikes, and tour craft breweries! We'll organize an outing each weekend - it's up to you to chose which ones interest you. Some activities may require you to purchase tickets. 


Upfront cost for Meet the City is $75 which includes a $50 registration fee + a $25 refundable deposit to hold your spot.

  • The $50 registration fee covers:
    • a trained group facilitator
    • discussion and activities based in psychology and educational research
    • access to 1-2 spotlight games each week
    • a free t-shirt
    • event planning expenses
    • business costs (website, printing, etc.)
  • The $25 refundable deposit holds your place in the group. This deposit will be returned to you if you attend at least 4 of the 6 Meet the City sessions with your group (minus any applicable processing fees, usually $1-$2).